What is the problem? Subrata November 28, So I want the display keep off even I am typing, moving mouse, etc. I have a laptop toshiba Satellite the problem is that it shutdown and sometimes restart of i have to press the power button to put it on, what do i do? Also, and I find this interesting. This will discharge the capacitor.

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Any help is appreciated. Only the LCD screen backlight could be affected by the inverter failure.

Kwame March 27, I have looked at your other post on the backlight, but toshiba equium m50 164 the way the problem occurred tell me something informative about its cause? My son dropped his Gateway notebook. Wait until the laptop boots to the desktop and take a look at the battery status in the lower right corner same as Windows. Sometimes it will only stay on for a minute after bootup and other times I can use it for minutes before it goes dark.

From my experience, when inverter toshiba equium m50 164 the entire screen goes dark.

Try reinstalling the display driver. I realized after toshiba equium m50 164 few minutes that while the actual connection was the same, the new screen was not set otshiba for a connector that had the little locking hinges on the sides, and once I took those off it slid in fairly easily. Battery charges ok when the adapter is connected. This site is great.

I have a satellite A Mohammed Toshuba 15, I have a toshiba laptop model number PAU-1MPC it just restarts after few minutes,and it is gets really hot just after 15mins,but the fans are seems to be working.

One toshiba equium m50 164 them could be marked pin 1. I still have troubleshooting with my laptop HP G60 screen.

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Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

Hi, I toshiba equium m50 164 ordered a new The toshoba lamp needs very high voltage. It finally decided to not work at all with a dead battery. What could be the reason for the invertor getting hot. I just got a new battery and let it charge for 24 hours.

Next problem- when I turn it on with the lcd unplugged the whole screen lights up white but when i plug the lcd in and turn it on everything stays black. Truk January 2, wquium The CCFL toshiba equium m50 164 up but started emitting a metallic sound and after a while went off. In the BIOS change history you will see the description of changes.

Batterie ordinateur portable

I think you have a faulty LCD screen most likely or there is a problem with the video cable less likely. I tried testing the AC output on a working laptop, just to find out what readings I should expect but as toshiba equium m50 164 as I connect the multimeter, the backlight shuts off.

I have a Satellite U series and I tried testing toshiba equium m50 164 power coming from the motherboard but nothing. You can try this. Mike October 25, The blue power switch however remained on and the music coming out of my computer was still playing.

Or is that sort of behavior normal? Is this the normal volts going to a battery?

Nasyki April 4,