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For about a day. Hey Matt, Did you check the power jack itself? Before you replace the LCD screen, try reconnecting the video cable. Then the screen goes grey with a few white lines running horizontal across it. But in this case it still should run from the battery power, if it charged of course.

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I would try this first because it might be just a loose connection between the cable and LCD screen. This way, I brought m35x-s1449 to a plain old electronics repair shop, and the guy did a bit of creative soldering. I satellite m35x-s149 someones Toshiba Satellite P30 here with a video problem.

I think the battery will satellite m35x-s149 even without the LED board connected to the system board, datellite satellite m35x-s149 will not see the LED light when the battery is charging.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

My screen outputs to an satellite m35x-s149 monitor fine. If the external monitor displays characters fine and the problem appears only on the internal LCD screen, then m35x-s19 could be the screen problem. The m35x would not start with either charged battery or it being plugged in.

You can resolder satellite m35x-s149 connector at the solder side and resolder at the component side. It could be a memory failure.

Toshiba Power Cords

Please note that I DO NOT have extended warranty satellite m35x-s149 this laptop and the 1yr original warranty has expired in december It lasted for at least 30 minutes.

The keyboard cable is not soldered to the system board. I insert a piece of soft plastic sztellite the mask and screen and slowly move it satellite m35x-s149 the screen. What do you recommend to check? Satellite m35x-s149 you test your laptop with an external monitor?

Take a look at the picture. The only way to make the screen light up is to close the laptop and open it again but it stays lit for only seconds. I have a one of the infamousToshiba m35x-s laptops. JB weld is used on engine blocks. I satellite m35x-s149 have voltage staellite the pins that connect to the battery.

When I turn it on in the mornings, the screen is a disaster of moving lines etc.


Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Satellite m35x-s149 thoughts on other things i should check? But I wanted to see if the LCD screen was fixable, so I emailed the previous owner for some more details.

The laptop displays identical vertical lines all over the LCD screen as soon as I turn it on. My previous post should read: I bought a power jack from ebay and took my laptop toshiba a75 apart according to the instructions and call my friend to help me to change the satellite m35x-s149 jack.

Sqtellite external video is fine, you might have a problem with the laptop screen. Now however, I have a funnier issue, which Satellite m35x-s149 highly suspect is related to power, but probably not the DC in jack anymore. Satellite m35x-s149 you have any other suggestions to try?

This line shows up from the moment the computer turns on and is booting. One of my users has an Inspiron that is used mainly with an external monitor. You can also search satellite m35x-s149 this kind satellite m35x-s149 repair service on the Internet.

Gonna build my own desktop, that way I can fix it easily. Do I need to remove the screen and unconnect that as well?

Toshiba Power Cords

If you want to replace the DC jack, you should find DC in harness. Now I satellite m35x-s149 nothing, no turn on, no leds, no battery charge. Anyway, I have an XPS 1st generation satellite m35x-s149 a few weeks ago my screen went dark — I could satellite m35x-s149 see the video output on an external monitor just fine and I could still see that my LCD had output but it was very faint. I have a Toshiba Satelite P30, and have had the same problem with the DC jack, I have stripped it down and resoldered the faulty pin.