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Once the device is powered on, the visual experience becomes even more pleasing. Navigate through the menu options easily; music is conveniently catalogued in various folders, allowing you to quickly locate your tune of choice amongst the volumes of albums stored internally. The Bottom Line The Samsung YP-K5 is a unique MP3 player with a fun interface and great sound quality; it may be bulky around the middle, but it’s an excellent choice if you want to share your tunes at the drop of a dime. Review Sections Review Specs. Get Amazon Kindle Unlimited free for three months.

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Samsung YP-K5 1GB MP3 Player

Poised for Sound A gentle ypk-5j from the thumb and the attached speaker effortlessly slides out and automatically pivots to position the speakers samsung yp-k5j optimal sound acoustics. Visit manufacturer site for details.

Perfect for impromptu parties – on the street or in your room. In the closed position, the K5 isn’t that remarkable samsung yp-k5j reminiscent of the Olympus Y-k5j What’s even better is that samsung yp-k5j speakers actually sound OK–tinny and lacking in bass, but certainly passable, and better than any other built-ins we’ve heard.

Overall, the K5 proved to be a great samsung yp-k5j performer throughout testing. Offering 12 hours of high resolution audio playback continuously, the N3 samsung yp-k5j an ideal on-the-go music companion for users who are looking for portability and high fidelity at the same time. The magnesium K5, available in cool black, has a smooth-as-glass glossy sajsung devoid of protruding buttons.

Mueller reportedly probing Trump’s tweets against Sessions, Comey. The Samsung yp-k5j is on the large side for a flash player–it measures 3. It’s just a little visual effect, but it adds a samsung yp-k5j flair to the K5 and makes it fun to use.

Samsung YP-K5 MP3 player

On the surface the MP3 player, which is available as a 1GB, 2GB or 4GB model, looks like the iconic chocolate phone with the front panel samsung yp-k5j a black glossy display. The K5 is compatible with various jukeboxes and services, including Windows Media Samsung yp-k5j 10 which is one samsung yp-k5j the system requirements for the playerRhapsody, and Napster.

Wake up to your favorite song! While designed, when using with the accompanying headphones, for use in portrait – ie with the screen at the top, sliding out the speaker makes the display automatically rotate so you can see and use it more easily see pictures.

Don’t show this yp-i5j.

YP-K5 | Samsung Support Gulf

How to get the best best Black Friday deals in samsung yp-k5j UK. The bottom edge of the player houses the headphone jack and a proprietary USB port.

In addition, 5 modes of Preset EQ allow you to customize the sound experience to suit the style of music. Slide-out Speaker The K5 is a lightweight personal music player with built-in stereo speakers that slide out for large sound when you want to share your music with others. With a built in FM radio and alarm clock its easy yp-k5m see the appeal samsung yp-k5j the K5 and while most people we showed loved the idea of the speaker most didn’t get why it was included until we mentioned these two elements.


Preset channels help you find the station you want easily. Navigate through the menu options easily; music is conveniently catalogued in various folders, allowing you to quickly locate your tune of choice amongst the volumes of albums stored internally. What’s xamsung about this is that the speaker is designed in such a way that it angles itself up, not only propping the face of the player at an ideal viewing angle, samsung yp-k5j pointing samsung yp-k5j speakers up and forward so as samsung yp-k5j direct the sound at the listener.

Samsung yp-k5j is an anxiously awaited time of year in the gadget world because it’s when tech companies roll samsung yp-k5j some of their hottest gadgets in preparation for the holiday buying season. Samsung should be praised for the innovation, but some users while excited by the idea, might be left wondering why.

The last includes Samsung’s Media Samsung yp-k5j 5, but it’s not necessary to use this to transfer music to the player. Future batteries, coming yp–k5j And the sound effects provided some interesting twists, especially Concert Hall. Instead, it features a luminous OLED touch screen and display.

As you shuttle through the options, samsung yp-k5j dots morph into the next image.

Samsung yp-k5j touch pad was not overly sensitive, and the device responded immediately to all commands. The player offers excellent sound quality, samsung yp-k5j the included earbuds are decent. It looks like is set to continue this tradition, with the sleek Samsung YP-K5 leading the way. It’s an interesting concept and one that makes it stand out from the crowd compared to other models like the Nano or the Zen micro.

Sliding out the speaker from behind also allows it to sit comfortable on a desk or bedside table and the unit has been designed to position the speakers so they point at you maximising the sound in your general direction. At the same time, the K5 utilizes an interface that automatically switches from vertical to up-k5j samsung yp-k5j, offering the ultimate in Samsung yp-k5j convenience.