Overall color is bright and nearly accurate, though the blue flowers are a touch dark. AiAF selects the focal point from one of nine focus areas arrayed in the display. However, a long-form, extensively researched special report in the Columbia Journalism Review about sexual harassment is still a depressing, eye-opening read. These can be captured at a top speed of 30 frames per second. Both the indoor and outdoor portrait shots are very good.

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With a new sensor, better autofocus powershot a610 and more streamlined design, the X line The upgrade to a 4x optical zoom provides a 35— mm focal length 35 mm equivalent.

Sets the startup image when you turn on the camera to: Thus, hue-accurate, highly saturated colors appear as lines radiating from the center. It’s a bit more cumbersome to quickly go back and review photos than with the quick-review button you find on most modern digital cameras. Powersht 16mb card is supplied as standard. Read our review powershot a610 it if you’d like, but download the program nowso you’ll powershot a610 it.

SKOUT is a hands-free camera carrying solution that unlocks with a twist. Its colors are also slightly brighter than those powershot a610 its higher-resolution sibling, the A as well.

Allows you to record a series of horizontal images, panning either right to left or left powershot a610 right, and using the bundled software for your computer, stitch your shots together into one large image or panorama. Powsrshot a short sound clip to accompany a captured image. Turns the AF Assist light on or off. Turns on or off the function that automatically flips powershot a610 image in the LCD when the LCD is pointed toward the front of the camera.

Determines how many copies of the current image will powershot a610 printed, with options for creating an index print, imprinting the date and time, and imprinting the file number. With still images, it sets the amount of JPEG image compression. And we really dislike having information spread out powershot a610 two separate manuals.

Canon PowerShot A review: Canon PowerShot A – CNET

Jul 20, This powershot a610 be useful for analytical work such as watching back a golf swing. Jul 21, Turns the digital zoom on or off.


Can do Timelapse photography fun when set to postcard mode a6100 powershot a610 timestamp. Canon PowerShot A Review. Uses SD rather than CF for memory. Our test lighting for this shot is a mixture of 60 and watt household incandescent bulbs, a very yellow light source that gives powershot a610 cameras fits, but a type of lighting that is very common in typical home settings here in the US.

Powershot a610 top cover is a rubber square that you have to pry off with your fingernail. At the powershot a610 end, the A’s 0. In terms of image quality this places the camera significantly above the majority of digital cameras I have tested.

This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, z610 repaired to full working order and is in excellent condition.

The PowerShot camera instantly transforms an average photo into a high-resolution masterpiece with macro focus powershot a610. Try our handy Troubleshooting Guide if you’re experiencing problems with your device.

Canon PowerShot A610 5.0MP Digital Camera – Silver

Placed on the front edge of the right-hand powershot a610 and placed in the center of the zoom lever, this button sets focus and exposure when halfway pressed, and fires the shutter when fully pressed.

Note though, that these times were measured with a very fast Kingston x SD card. Special Features Audio notes with powershot a610 images Stitch-Assist mode for powershot a610 shots My Color mode for color adjustment Color swap mode Custom Setting mode for saving frequently used settings. Camera review damaged Didn’t realize the camera was as damaged as it is, won’t powershto able powershot a610 use it, disappointed with the purchase. Trust me, needing powershot a610 is not a matter of if, powreshot when Also on the A’s front panel are its microphone, small viewfinder window, fixed electronic flash, and a small window for the combination auto-focus assist beam, red-eye reduction lamp, and self-timer indicator.

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