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The left side one actuates the door switch and the right side one releases the carousel. Test Case for determining whether the printer is laser 2. When I hit the print button, the machine starts up as it should but the tray and roller do not operate hence the paper won’t pick up. Zudem fallen bei den bunten Tempomachern inzwischen auch die Preise. As the paper feeds I can hear it getting “stuck”.

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We really need red magicolor 4650en the job we are working magicolor 4650en now. On the right side of the laser scanner is a similar cover that holds the 3-terminal contacts that sense the toner cartridges as they rotate around.

In this case, just before the beam scans across magicolor 4650en OPC drum, it first strikes a small pick-off mirror inside the laser scanner. When I hit the print button, 4650rn machine starts up as it should magicolor 4650en the tray and roller do not operate hence magiccolor paper won’t pick up. Thanks in advance for any help. So schneiden die Amazon-Highlights ab KW The printer is just out of its 1 month warranty unfortunately!

If something requires cleaning could you point me magicolor 4650en a dissasembly guide and also tell me what solution I could use Magicolor 4650en rather use a household product – meths, white spirit etc if possible! I had a opc drum error and was told to reset the drum counter.

Hi, I just bought some toner and some reset chips for the I may be able to fix that too, but if it’s a big deal, we’ll call a repair person on Monday. magicolor 4650en

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It will not do thousands of prints a month or a day without paper feed problems. The manual says, having pressed in the latch, you can then carefully turn the carousel carefully, to prevent injury to your fingers until the the next cartridge is in position. Hi all, I have tried to find an answer to my problem in this thread and can not see one, so magicolor 4650en forgive me magicolor 4650en i have over looked it. We had that problem and while it was still under warranty had the service guy come out who said it needed a firmware upgrade which he did and then it worked fine.

I can’t tell you off the top of my head how to do, I magicolor 4650en fly by the seat of my pants I have several KM ‘s that have the same irritating bug- when using the bypass tray even when media is alreay present in the magicolor 4650en, it is giving me a media error and asking the magicolor 4650en to press the up button to continue.


I have removed the toner and I can’t see anything stuck inside.

I have no idea where the latch is, but having no manual never stopped me. Neue Share- und Freeware.

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I have a Color PageWorks printer that just today on powerup came up with “Fatal Error mzgicolor, Transfer Roller”I replaced the transfer roller and magicolor 4650en error still occurs. Pretty dirty inside, LOTS of toner caked up in there. Sept Issue was the gears on plastic sprockets not meshing properly. There is a top shell cover. Mahicolor working on a Magicolor DL that sometimes fails to lift the paper magicolor 4650en up and thus says media jam. Some cartridges are light sensitive, so put them in a light tight bag.

This leads me to think that a sensor is being blocked or is faulty. If you’re lucky the 12H magicolor 4650en code will have disappeared.

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magicolor 4650en I could change it but it does still work and i have to rotate the drum Magicolor 4650en to get to it. So if I can fix her, I’d like to keep her. I will try to clean the rollers, but it just seems to me that dirty rollers is not the issue. Printout in just black and white shows good quality orginal images and then there is a faded repeat in the background.

I have run into this error a couple times. With the lid open, press a small screwdrive into the hole and depress the spring – hold this down and magicolor 4650en rotating the toner drum by hand, towards you and downwards.

Outdoors, mqgicolor an air compressor, I gave the thing a good blowing out. After printing about 50 blank sheets to magicolor 4650en out the magenta, it started printing pages fine EXCEPT now we cannot get anything to print the color red. I could hear the polygon spin up, and it sounded good. I am told this is the laser unit. I have no idea what caused magicolor 4650en bumps, but it sounds like heat.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated, TY. It has about images printed. Also do you refill your magicolor 4650en Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!