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Fran – July 14th, Great unit. I have made several calls and spent several hours trying to get info and help with no response. I put it back in its box after 2 months of trying. Michael – June 6th, We just bought one of these units yesterday — the only tracks I can find are Garmin… is there a way to change them from Garmin to Magellan? I purchased this unit for dirt biking. Purists can also directly enter coordinates into the GPS. David – February 17th,

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Does it cover all of Canada?

Magellan eXplorist LE Reviews –

Explorit – April 13th, I have had some first hand experience with the Magellan Explorist and I would magellan explorist 500 that it is a good deal for the money, but Magellan explorist 500 am going for the Garmin eTrex Venture HC because of the better screen and battery life. Written documentation provided with the unit is poor, but there are PDF docs on the disk.

Tim – December 26th, I was wondering if I could use the gps files that you have for free downloads. An mabellan outside the compass ring points to your destination and the compass points in the direction you are heading.

Tim magellan explorist 500 November 16th, would the explorist LE work well on a motorcycle, or are the maps just not enough detail, and how large of an SD card will it take?

See More Listing Details. But fxplorist worries were put to rest when I received mine and my friends received their Garmins.

The newest software for this unit is now several years old and getting older however it is still very useful. It was never user-friendly and tech support was nil. The Magellan eXplorist LE is not available from the stores we monitor.

Magellan explorist 500 – August 15th, Ease… March 18, Skip Maples guest Rating: But the Basemap is realy no map at alli live magellan explorist 500 Nova scotia and it shows only the most major hiways.


Michael – August 17th, The first time we played back one of our trips, the symbol for our car was actually a little red car! The battery doesn’t last, it takes 20 mins to aquire a signal. Big Hat 2 reviewer rep. Magellan explorist 500 Magellan LE my friend Garmin etrex.

Thanks Nancy – December 9th, Setting Power Management – Exlorist used to help preserve battery life in the eXplorist receiver. Battery life is good, logging in at about hours depending on how much button clicking you are doing.

Magellan eXplorist 500 Handheld

maellan I don’t know what an average time is for a GPS startup is magellan explorist 500 it was a little inconvenient. Cathy – September 3rd, The 32 Megs of internal magellan explorist 500 alone will hold a good number of way points. Basemap is very lame, what even more lame is that you have to purchase maps and astronomical prices….

It seems to me to be a pile of crap.

Magellan eXplorist 500 LE

There are 8 buttons on the face of the unit and 2 on the sides. What free downloads are you referring magellan explorist 500 I think I am going with some rechargable batteries that come with there own explkrist. It is basically a high price piece of junk!

The Position screen shows your current location using whichever of the 12 coordinate systems you chose in Preferences. Bought on closeout sale.

If you can, get the newer version of the Explorist as it takes basic batteries. Do you believe that? Shown at left is a sample of the My POIs folder. I also have the problem that if you magellan explorist 500 out a lot you end up with a blank map.