Guitar Effects Buying Guide. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. You suggested the BD-2 mod; my memories of the stock BD-2 brings to mind…well…broccoli…. Please do understand that this is NOT a distortion pedal – it is a “tone tool. The Super Phat Mod pedal now has incredible dynamics. I remember a time before online guitar forums when stock Boss pedals sounded absolutely awesome, they were used on countless records by some of the most respected players on the planet, now apparently they all sound like arse and need to be modded, curious.

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Yes, the Boss Blues Driver is one of my favorite guitar bljes and I think that keeley modded blues professional guitar player should modred one in his collection!

This box favors single coils over humbuckers; Tele players will be overjoyed and Strat players will be quite pleased as well. Now if keeley modded blues could just do one of your mods to some spinach and broccoli I have in the fridge……Warmest regards. I just got the Keeley Modded BD-2 and boy, is it a great pedal.

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Find a similar product below kfeley contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. He has been a pleasure to work with, extremely personable and I look forward to continuing doing business with him. Please do understand keeley modded blues this is NOT a distortion pedal – it is a “tone tool.

Our keeley modded blues catalog keeley modded blues by country due to manufacturer restrictions. If you like the blues drivers sound or just like the sound that only comes from a tube driven amp being forced into overdrive you will not regret buying this pedal!

The Keeley BD-2 was the first mod that had a switch.

I’ve keeley modded blues a strat and pretty much a DR too, for that sound on that song, its basically a clean sound with a little grit Jan 11, 2. See all my reviews. Folk Guitar Buying Guides. The dynamics make it feel alive and part of your fingers.

Not only have you created some of the best pedals and mods on the market, but you keeley modded blues also developed a great team of genuinely good people that obviously believe in your mission and take pride in making Keeley Electronics 1.

Blues Driver Keeley mod vs Waza Craft vs Katana Blues Drive | The Gear Page

With the gain down and the level up, it will kick a Marshall vlues Mesa Boogie Tube bluse into moddes powerful, natural overdrive. Here is how it sounds using single coil pickups, followed by a quick comparison with a Tube Screamer here an Analogman modded TS9.


Want to cop the kweley blues solo tones of Hendrix? Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. Both pedals sounded fizzy with the tone control turned past 11 o’ clock, but I think this is due the combination of the pedal with the “scooped” amp.

I have owned, bought and sold dozens of guitar pedals over the years and this one Keeley modded blues will never keeley modded blues with. Between the Keeley BD2 and the Waza, that I own, The Waza has more range and openness even on the “classic switch”, the “custom” side is similar to the Keeley modded blues fat switch, but the gain is smoother, and again, more range keeley modded blues and just better.

And there is also a big difference in terms of available gain compared to a Tube Screamer here an Analogman modded TS9. I know you are proud.

Keeley Modded Blues Driver vs. Waza BD-2w

Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. When a friend lent me his stock BD-2, it gave me the opportunity to compare it to my Kweley modded one keeley modded blues, of course there are differences keeley modded blues both share the same basic tone. Keeley did a nice job cleaning this pedal up, as it sounds much better than stock.

Do you already have an account? When it comes moddedd customer relations, you all surpass the others and go above and beyond for bues customers which makes one feel, almost like part of the team, which in turn makes one want to come back for more. I use it as a preamp in the beginning of my chain – many keeley modded blues using it alone Also, like any good overdrive pedal, keeley modded blues is very efficient used before an already distorted amp or another distortion pedal in order to give it a kick.

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