Originally Posted by Getitclose. Log in or sign up in seconds. Still have a question? Let’s go with the 1″ standard. I want Multicompound grips on my irons and Rifle shafts like I already have.

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I know at the time he was doing making up all the custom fit irons for Bridgestone so im pretty sure he is highly thought of and a nice guy.

Cost of reshafting AP2’s

It’s rather ironic that you’d mention the difference how much does it cost to reshaft a because you’re pointing out the basic difference between a 19th century physician and a modern one, or the kid fresh out of highschool and yourself and your MBA. How much does it cost to play golf in America?

You’ll have a hard time getting a. How much does a pro season cost on the European Golf Tour? It can be worth a reshaft if you have that sort of attachment to your irons That means the insertion depth would have to be 2″!

Nope, but it’s more a matter of what the market voes stand and who’s willing to pay for it.

I have a local golf shop that is way cheaper, though. Then properly prepare the new shaft and use the proper epoxy to glue the head with requisite ferral to the shaft.

reshhaft What does it really cost to play golf? You are currently viewing the forum as a guest which does not give you access to all the great features at GolfOpinions such as viewing all the images, interacting with existing members and access to certain forums.

I’m the only person who could eff up a how much does it cost to reshaft a bowl of soup. Hacker James 76 years old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant.

How much to re-shaft irons? [Archive] – Golf Monthly Forum

All clubs except maybe the putter can use the same shaft; but, the lengths are different and may need to be trimmed at both ends depending on the club head it is being mounted on. When you change the swingeight by changing the weight of a grip, you do nothing to the flex or feel of the club.


My shop charges 10 for the pull and 10 for the install. Don’t forget to check for leftover epoxy on the hosel. It doesn’t have to be on all the way, because you can use the head to push it into how much does it cost to reshaft a final place. Couldn’t find it at first, but here is a good link. Originally Posted by Getitclose. Is iacasactually Chamblee in disguise?

How much does it cost to reshaft irons? The long irons feel a bit dead, hence my doubts about shafts Last edited by J4U; at I want Multicompound grips on my irons and Rifle shafts like I already have.

How much does it cost to reshaft irons? – Equipment Opinions –

Wouldnt cost more than 30 smackers and youd learn some sweet new skills, without having to pay those damn bills. I would personally cut your loses and invest in a new set. There is nothing on the market to tempt how much does it cost to reshaft a to replace them at the moment, except possibly the Miura blades How can you improve your golf without going to a golf club constantly?

Practicing with video – tips that may hopefully help you. Register for free today! I have never had to reshaft irons, so I’m lost when it comes to pricing.

Before inserting the shaft, you need to remove the paint on the tip. Grateful for any help, as ever.

I use a Dremel to do that, but most anything will work.