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Presets Allows you to select a paper size for Tray 5 bypass tray. The [Print Meter Report] counts pages from the point where data has been initialized. Information is displayed in the form of yyyy-mm-dd hh: Job Type Displays the type of job. Print Prints the documents in the selected mailbox. If you register the e-mail address to Speed Dial code , you can only enter and specify automatically the registered e-mail address assigned to Speed Dial code I removed some items that I actually do need for my printer.

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Dialing Characters Special characters used to enter the dial pause, etc.

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Copying Features Paper Supply Use this feature to select the paper tray containing the paper required for the job. For details, contact our Customer Support Center.

Fax Program This feature allows you to program information about the fax destination and the features used to send fax. Password Enter a password using fuji xerox docucentre 1085 alphanumeric keypad on fuji xerox docucentre 1085 control panel.

Permission has been obtained from Microsoft Corporation for use of software screen shots.

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre 1085 User Manual

The number of copies remaining is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Priority Allows you to configure the priority of the paper supply form a specified xfrox.

Page 42 2 Product Fuji xerox docucentre 1085 Non-print Displays the error information for all jobs except print jobs. Common Settings Job Complete Specify whether to activate the tone when a job finishes successfully. Remote Post Specify whether or not a password is required to register a document on a bulletin board.

Limit Resets the upper limits imposed on the number of prints for all accounts. With this feature, documents are scanned and sent to specified destinations as e-mail attachments. Close the paper tray. Appendix 12 Appendix This chapter explains main specifications of the machine, listed combination features, and optional components fuji xerox docucentre 1085 for the machine. I removed some items that I actually do need for my printer. Quantity Displays the number of sets that have been processed.

Check the status of the machine.

Paper Jams Otherwise, it may cause injuries or burns. Only standard size can be automatically detected.


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Removing the Old Stamp Cartridge Pull up the knob to open the document feeder cover completely. Page 8 Paper and Other Media Pull out the paper tray towards you.

Transmission Report Configure the settings for printing report that shows the result of transmission. Page of 11085. Otherwise, it may cause injuries or burns. Thank you for choosing Printzone for your printer cartridges. When [Print] is selected fuji xerox docucentre 1085 the recorded print jobs exceed 50 jobs, the recorded print job is automatically printed from the oldest job.

Never use a vacuum cleaner for the spills. Some printers include an “introductory” or “starter” cartridge in the printer box, which may print less than the cartridges we have here on the Printzone site.

Table Of Contents Scan Size Lift up the docuventre lever, and slide the drum cartridge out until fuji xerox docucentre 1085 can lift the handle on top of the cartridge.

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre 1055, DocuCentre 1085 User Guide

Quick Memory A feature which dials a facsimile telephone fuji xerox docucentre 1085 Transmission immediately after the first document page is scanned. Fuji Xerox is not responsible for any breakdown of machines due to infection of computer virus or computer hacking. Fax Features This can reduce transmission costs when the destinations are out of town or located fuji xerox docucentre 1085 another country, as you only need to send the document to the broadcasting machine.

If the error cannot be resolved, contact the Customer Support Center. The five standard pages shown at right consist of a mix of text and graphics, and a mix of black and color. For more information, refer to Auto Clear in the Setups chapter on page Page 43 Modes Copy Meter Confirm the account data, such as the account name, the limit set for the account, and the total number of copies, for each account.