Not only that, but delivery is FREE for the majority of our customers. Setting the decoding passcode allows you to restrict access to a digital code analysis application. This handy feature will capture and store undelivered faxes sent directly from the device. The document is not Cause The document is too small. Output Format Select [On]. European 81 type faces, symbol 35 sets PostScript optional: An optional package is necessary.

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Gradation can be adjusted for each screen type. Refer to “[Sheet Filtering] Screen” P.

DocuCentre-II C4300 Drivers & Downloads

A powerful Power PC G3 MHz apeosporr-ii and up to 1GB RAM enable rapid print speeds of up to 35ipm colour and 45ipm monochrome,while their true 1, x 1, dpi resolution capabilities are perfect for fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 intensive documents.

You can specify the size in the range from 6 to 24 points in 1 point increments. Remove all the jammed paper from the upper left side and inside fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 the unit.

Place the document the front side of 2-sided document face up in the funi of the document feeder. In the Manual Receive mode, reception of a fax from a remote machine is manual.

Use the same procedures for the C Finisher. TEL Use this interface to connect an external telephone receiver fitted with an extra G3 kit optional. Image Rotation System Settings When you are on our secure pages and entering personal information, look for speosport-ii green URL in the browser bar. Public Fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 Store documents to be sent, in response to instructions received from remote machines, in the public mailbox of the machine.

Component Function Contrast dial Adjusts the contrast of the touch screen. Scan Service The items you can manage for scan jobs using the Auditron Administration feature are as follows. Refer to “Image Quality Trouble” P.

Page 4 Fax various features to be used with transmission among F Code-compatible machines manufactured by different companies. Additionally, actual yield varies considerably based on factors such as the content of printed pages, typical printer job size, the environmental conditions during operation aleosport-ii the fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 of color printing relative to monochrome printing.

Select the next recipient. Other Settings You can make other settings. Using Manual Receive 4 Fax Using Manual Receive If the fax reception mode is set to the Manual Receive when the machine rings to notify of an incoming call, pick up the receiver of the external telephone or select [On-hook] on the screen that appears.


Favourite Print Settings Save time by storing fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 settings of frequently printed documents in the favourites menu of your print driver. Transmission Options Transmission Options You can specify fax transmission conditions in the [Transmission Options] screen.

In [Other Fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300, you can set the following item. If in doubt, have the outlet checked by a qualified electrician. Resolution specifying The Scanning Resolution 4 Fax Text Select this item apeospport-ii transmitting a document that contains only text. This mode is convenient for confirming the sender or using an external telephone to confirm whether it is a fax before beginning reception.

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre-II C Reconditioned Colour Copier

Width units are 0. Information appearing in the right and upper left frames changes depending on the feature. Printing and Deleting Stored Documents Printing and Deleting Stored Documents This section describes how to print or delete documents stored with the Secure Print or Sample Print feature, or stored with the charge print receiving control.

Remove apeopsort-ii jammed paper from the center tray. Sending Problems Fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 the procedure below if you cannot send a fax. For example, when the e-mail address for the machine is ifax fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300.

ApeosPort-II C4300/C4300H Support & Drivers

Step 1 Loading Documents Cleaning the Machine Fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 the Document Feeder Roller If the machine is equipped with a document feeder and if the document feeder roller is dirty, streaks or smears may appear on copies and paper jams may occur. Cool Reproduces blue fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 that appear even clearer. Highly “dense” documents, such as the text document at right, may cause cartridges to yield fewer pages than the ISO standard, while less dense ones such as the organisation chart far right will typically cause the cartridge to yield more pages than the standard.

Page 4 Fax This chapter describes the basic operations and features for fax provided by the machine.