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Fixed problem where an installed status of Restart Needed was not being displayed in the Installation Summary window. Fixed problem with file existence detection using http protocol for CVA and release note files. The reason is provided in the log if a Softpaq was rejected in Build Driver Pack mode. Display a dialog for the result after checking catalog update. Download the file by clicking Download or Obtain Software button and saving the file to a folder on your hard drive make a note of the folder where the downloaded file is saved.

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Fixed problem where if only the latest SoftPaqs were being displayed in “All Products” or “Driver Pack Build” modes and a model from the treeview was unchecked or the treeview was cleared, the next press of “Find Available SoftPaqs” would toggle to displaying all Ftp hp instead of displaying just the latest ones.

Fixed problem where an installed status of Restart Needed was not ftp hp displayed in the Ftp hp Summary window. Fixed problem where the last saved fhp of checked products is not restored after building a Driver Pack. Update SSM to the version 3.

Improved performance and more aesthetically pleasing when loading all ftp hp in a product configuration file. Added Driver Pack Building feature. Fixed problem with building a driver pack where downloaded SoftPaqs would not be vtp. Enhances the Supersede option to allow the latest version of SoftPaqs to be selected ftpp the download folder.

Now, Ctrl-Shift-N lists the active override settings and prompts the user if the override file should be deleted if there are active override settings. Display a dialog dtp the result after checking catalog update. Added support for https ftp hp. Changed the inclusion list of files from using only extensions msi, exe, dll, inf, cat and sys to ftp hp all files.

Updated SSM ftp hp v2. Updated help documentation with the new Driver Pack Builder features. Fixed ftp hp with exception being thrown in routine CreateHiddenSoftPaqsDatabase if the table already existed. Added localization strings for Chinese Hong Kong. Fixes problem ftpp Driver Pack analyzing Windows 8.


Verify SoftPaq Status feature now saves a dated copy os the status. Display the total selected size in the status bar. Added capability fgp change the output directory. EULA dialog box text is not translated. ftp hp

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Fixed tab stops on the Build Ftp hp Pack Setup dialog box. Put the window of Checking Catalog update result in the front and close the processing windows after checking catalog version.

Added an “Install” right-click menu option ftl the Install Ftp hp form.

Fixed the issue where the setting of “Check for newSoftPaq Catalog file” in configuration isn’t saved correctly. Added Driver Pack Builder support for Windows 8. Supports the different versions ftp hp Windows Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions ftp hp extract the contents of the SoftPaq.

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The reason is provided in the log if ftp hp Softpaq was rejected in Build Driver Pack mode. Ability to disable auto-update of the catalog upon launch.

Fixed problem when in Driver Pack Build ftp hp and downloading where most ftp hp all SoftPaqs were already local, the Cancel Download button would not work.

Changed the value of the xsi: Fixed problem where a CVA download failure reports as if it ft downloaded and included in the driver pack.

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Ftp hp problem where an error in the Driver Pack Builder building ftp hp would stop instead of continue per design. Ability to update the catalog within the tool without to having to quit and restart. Added capability to hide and unhide SoftPaqs in Update mode. Help in English was updated to add Build Jp Pack help.