Instead of backlighting is uses two red LEDs mounted above the LCD to illuminate the keys for low-light and nighttime use. There is no arguing that Dell’s solution works beautifully and results in superior outdoor viewability. All files are original, not repacked or modified in any way by us. Your File is Ready Companies like Dell may not have the decades of experience in making rugged machines, but their design expertise and sheer product volume mean they have access to the latest technology at the best possible prices, and they can ruggedize an existing platform without the cost of starting from scratch. Rubberized HDD Casing 6:

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What makes it “all terrain grade”?

Dell Latitude ATG D630

It means that of the 10, nits brightness of the sun during a clear day, only about 50 nits is reflected back. HDD Carrier Door 4: So what did Dell do? Provides better performance and its lack of moving parts is designed to provide dell d630 atg durability. An optionally dell d630 atg 32GB solid-state drive is also shock-mounted. What you see on the Dell’s screen is not a picture; the Dell is off.

Another question is where the sweet spot lies for a company as large as Dell.

Dell Wireless As is, the ATG has formidable performance specs and a superb outdoor-viewable display, but whether that is enough to sway customers to go with Dell instead of one of the incumbents in the rugged market is dell d630 atg to say.

We were still not satisfied and had a conference call with Dell representatives, including engineers. Wireless connectivity includes the standard Intel When they added an anti-glare surface, it made visibility worse.

Dell did boost brightness, from the roughly nits in most standard notebooks to nits in the ATG’s display. We love dell d630 atg Dell includes a trackpoint cursor controller and a touchpad, which you can disable when you’re not using it.

Dell Latitude ATG D – External Reviews

The picture below is an actual, undoctored image of the Dell d630 atg screen in bright sunlight, taken with a 10 megapixel Pentax dSLR camera click on it dell d630 atg a large version.

You may think that a matte anti-glare surface reflects less, but unless the underlying anti-reflective optical coating has been applied, that conclusion is incorrect; the light may be scattered for a “matte” effect, but there is much more of it. The base price includes either XP professional or Vista Business. How tough are Dell rugged notebooks humorous? The narrow vertical viewing angle with its very noticeable colorshifts is annoying.


Does the theoretical assessment hold up dell d630 atg real life? However, average sunlight is about 10, nits, and so even a super-bright display is not enough.

Still, considering how it performed on our tests, this may not be such a bad idea.

Dell Latitude D ATG Laptop Tech Specifications | Notebook Drivers

Dell d630 atg compatible with the standard Latitude D, the Latitude ATG boasts a range of innovative features that can protect it from some of the harshest work environments and enhance its dell d630 atg in demanding conditions.

The rubber plug to the right of the optical drive in the media bay covers two additional USB ports. According to technology editor Walker, dell d630 atg Japanese used to say that anti-glare coatings prevented the “white shirt problem” i.

The keyboard also handles screen brightness control, the keyboard illumination, standby, an integrated numeric keypad, and the usual variety of other utility functions.

Depending on where and how the ATG is used, the total cost of ownership may be lower in the long run as ruggedized equipment is less likely to break.

What is needed is as much contrast as possible, and for that you need to eliminate surface reflection. The gloss screen issue We spoke with Dell representatives atgg the “gloss” issue in what is supposed to be an optimally readable LCD. The keyboard itself dell d630 atg top notch.

However, it is very readable and very crisp and sharp. I cannot understand that trend. The Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator Dell d630 atg, a mobile version of the X used in Intel’s Mobile G chipset, relies on software emulation for several features and thus cannot compete with true hardware-based graphics processors. As soon as the first ounce of water touched the keyboard, the screen went black.

Under certain angles the glossy surface’s inherent “mirror” effect seemed to reflect everything, but in actual use outdoors it really wasn’t bad.