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Page Select this to open the Save dialog box after scanning the images and specify the save settings such as destination folder, file name and Exif information. Delete unnecessary files to obtain sufficient free hard disk space, then try again. You can create PDF files, print documents, attach images to e-mail, etc. Open the Film Holder A and place the film on the Film Guide, with the front side of the film the side on which images appear correctly facing down. Page 34 Edit the scanned images as required. Up to twelve film strip frames or four mounted slide frames can be scanned continuously. Trimming Trims the target image outlined in orange.

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Evidence of the removal process may remain when large dust and scratches are removed. Search in If you know where to look for, select the drive, folder or network from Specify Folder.

Page 64 Custom categories: Select a printer to use when multiple printers are connected. Open Guide Canon 2010c wia page appears. If you are logged on to an administrator account, click Continue or Allow Yes canon 2010c wia Windows 7 to continue.

Displays your custom categories. The portion within the cropping frame will be scanned at the wiia of the selected paper size. To delete a page, select it and click Delete Selected Pages.

The color tone may be adversely affected. Got it, continue to print. Canoon “Moire” is a phenomenon where uneven gradation or a stripe pattern appears when such photos or pictures printed with fine dots are scanned.

Canon 2010c wia Edit Tools to rotate images, select a part of an image, etc. Page 96 You cannot select Document Type if the Use the scanner driver checkbox is selected. Page Scanning from a WIA driver 1. Page scan by specifying the file format. The machine may be locked. Protection against outdated software. Delivers major version updates. Grain Correction may not be effective if the scan area is too small. canon 2010c wia

Canon 4207B002 On-screen Manual

Prioritize Exif Info Select this checkbox to apply corrections primarily based on the settings made at the time of shooting. If you select Magazine Colorthe Descreen function will be active. Canon 2010c wia Original image Brightened If this checkbox is not selected, the last used screen appears at startup. Make sure nothing is being started that might be accessing the scanner i.

Select this checkbox to automatically analyze the canon 2010c wia scene landscape, night scene, etc. Make sure that the ScanGear scanner driver is installed.

Files may not open if an application that can be associated with PDF files is not installed. Prepare the supplied Film Guide and the film you want to scan. Note When Auto wai selected, files are saved in the following formats according to the document type.


Make canon 2010c wia that the documents are placed correctly on the Platen.


Try setting the time between the power on and the Canon 2010c wia bus reset to The color tone may change from the source image due to corrections. Rearrange the page order as required. Adjust the contrast when the image is flat due to lack of contrast. Page 45 Place the right half of the document face-down on the Platen.

Page 47 Save the scanned images. Place the document on the Platen. Opened canon 2010c wia can be printed, edited, etc. Delivers 20 times more updates and upgrades canon 2010c wia. If the e-mail software program you want to use is not listed, click Add to List and select it. If your scanner has wa button on the front and if a program starts up when you press this button while running VueScan, you have a program running in the background that you need to stop.

VueScan 9 Release Notes

You can classify images displayed in Unclassified automatically, and also create custom categories. For details, refer to the application’s manual. Page Layout Printing 4 on 1 Layout wix print four images on a sheet of paper.

In that canon 2010c wia, follow these steps and change settings.

Preview Canon 2010c wia Mirror Inverts the preview image horizontally. Change the canoj setting in the application. Preview Area Clear Click this button to delete the preview image.

Scanning Multiple Documents in Whole Image View Follow these steps if thumbnails are not displayed correctly when previewed or if you want to scan multiple documents as a cwnon image. Load the film into the Film Guide.

You can set canon 2010c wia passwords: Display the document Display the document to be canon 2010c wia to My Manual.

Enable keyword search Select this checkbox to convert characters in a document to text data.

Canon 2010c wia security settings Select this checkbox to open the Password Security -Settings dialog box in which you can set passwords for opening, editing and printing created PDF files. Page To woa magazines containing many color photos, select Magazine Color. If you’re having problems with USB timeouts i.