Chapter 12 To enlarge or reduce the next copy follow the Important instructions below: Receiving a fax Additional receiving Duplex 2-sided printing for Fax mode operations If you set Duplex to On for fax receive the machine will print received faxes on both sides of paper. If the problem continues, call your Brother dealer. Page Hold the green handle of the drum unit. Turning Off The Scanner Lamp, Lcd Contrast, Setting The Fax Logic General setup Turning off the scanner Setting the fax logic lamp You can change the transmission process when you send or receive the fax manually The scanner lamp stays on for 16 hours with an external telephone. Encryption methods Encryption is used to secure the data that is sent over the wireless network.

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You may want to change the ring delay before To receive a fax in Manual mode lift the using these modes.

Brother MFC-9840CDW User Manual

Unplug the telephone line cord first, There are no warranties Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Paper is jammed inside the machine Use both hands to slowly pull out the jammed paper. Loading paper and documents Using the scanner glass Close the brother cdw 9840 cover. Telephone and brother cdw 9840 devices Connecting an external Connections The external TAD must be connected as shown in the illustration below.

Page To avoid print quality problems, DO NOT of the use of toner or toner cartridges other touch the shaded roller parts shown in the than genuine Brother products due to the illustrations. You can set how much time the machine Set up the machine for the type of paper you takes after the last Copy or Scan operation to are using. You can search the stored number brother cdw 9840 Direct Print Enables or disables the 5.

Uses 5 text characters. Table Of Contents Setting brother cdw 9840 tone detection Click Brother Support on the main menu. Put in a new drum unit.

Prices are available both exclusive and inclusive of VAT. See Replacing the drum unit on page Press OK and press 1 to reset the drum unit counter. If you are using the Fax Storage feature when using Internet Fax.

Collate page collation when continued printing directly from the continued USB flash memory drive. Unprintable Area When Printing From A Computer, Loading Paper And Envelopes Loading paper and documents Unprintable area when Loading paper and printing from a computer envelopes When using the default driver the printable The machine can feed paper from the area is smaller than the paper size, as shown standard paper tray, optional lower tray or below. First copy out time may change brother cdw 9840 the machine is calibrating or registering itself.

DO NOT use a vacuum cleaner to clean up scattered toner. See Brother cdw 9840 numbers on page i. Page 29 Loading paper and documents Loading envelopes or other media in Pull out the MP tray support flap 1. Special characters and symbols Press l, or 0, then press d or c to move the brother cdw 9840 to the symbol or character you want.

DO NOT use flammable substances or any type of spray to clean the inside or outside of the machine. Loading paper and documents Unprintable area when Loading paper and printing from a computer envelopes When using the default driver the printable The machine can brother cdw 9840 paper from the area is brpther than the paper size, cxw shown standard paper tray, optional lower tray or below.


Replacing The Drum Unit Change Parts Drum, the drum unit is near drum life, we cannot guarantee a the end of its life and it is time to brother cdw 9840 a new minimum number of pages that will be one.

Enable or Disable the 0. Hold the cartridge level with both hands and Clean the corona wire inside the gently rock it from side to side five or six drum unit by gently sliding the times to spread the toner evenly inside green tab from left to right and right the cartridge. Prints a list of commonly used functions to Hrother a or b to choose the report you help you program your brother cdw 9840.

Jam Inside Pull the paper tray completely out of the machine. Jam Rear Press the cover release brother cdw 9840 to open the front cover. MP tray Use the MP tray when printing envelopes, labels, and thick paper. Page Turn the drum unit gear toward you by Holding the toner cartridges by their hand to return it to brother cdw 9840 home position.

Brother Support – Login

It means that if you find an identical product elsewhere within the 14 days immediately after making your purchase, we will refund you the difference in vouchers. Wait a brother cdw 9840 seconds, then turn it on again.

Sets the paper size when 3. Brother ink and toner: The machine can be turned off for up to 4 days without losing faxes stored in the memory.

Parts Life Press Menu, 8, 1. High temperatures and high humidity will cause paper to curl. Cleaning The Drum Unit Troubleshooting and brother cdw 9840 maintenance Cleaning the drum unit Push the brother cdw 9840 unit in until it stops.

If you enter the wrong password when following the instructions brother cdw 9840, the LCD will Press Menu, 1, 8, 2. If you press Color Start to send a fax, the cover page will not be sent. Page Using their colored handles 984 lift them out, remove all four toner cartridges To avoid print quality problems, DO NOT from the drum unit.

You can external telephone, replace it. brother cdw 9840

Brotjer Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Holding the toner cartridges by their Put the drum unit back in the machine as colored handles, insert them one by one follows. This product should never be placed in a built-in installation unless proper ventilation is provided.

See Storing Manual dialing speed-dial numbers on page Storing Numbers, Storing A Pause Dialling and storing numbers Storing numbers Storing one-touch dial numbers You can set up your machine to do the following types of easy dialling: Page Section V Software Software and network features CAUTION We recommend that you place the drum We recommend that you place the toner unit on a brother cdw 9840, flat surface with a piece of cartridges on a clean, brother cdw 9840 surface with a disposable paper underneath it in case you piece of disposable paper underneath it in accidentally spill or brothwr brother cdw 9840.

You can use the scanner glass to fax the If you press Color Start, the pages of a book, or a single page at a time.