Input Devices


Specifically, the security update available at the following link should re-activate the LSO capability of our adapter: NetBeui is supported in some operating systems. They provide the solution to this problem in Knowledge Base article Click the Configure button and then the Advanced tab. How can I save my teaming configuration? However, be aware of the following:

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Close the command prompt window. Note that the b06nd and evnd driver files should not be present.

PXE Preboot Execution Environment is a software module that allows your networked computer to boot with the images provided broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo remote servers across the network.

The link negotiation is further affected when the Gigabit adapters are participating in an This can be done in the Hyper-V Manager.

Ethernet NIC Driver Support

To configure jumbo frames on a virtual switch: To display WoL support and current setting:: Do not select “Browse” at this point since that may not allow the desired driver to be loaded. Running Microsoft Network Broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo version 3.

How can I enable or disable Ethernet WireSpeed? Now select the “OK” button in the broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo window. If it is still disabled, the driver being used may not support the adapter.

The Network Test will confirm network connectivity to a remote station. Again, select the “Have Disk” button.

Ethernet NIC Driver Support

Follow the instructions to make the network startup disk. This is broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo seen when an anti-virus driver is installed. There is broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo folder labeled “MakeDisk” on the CD provided where a driver disk can be created for the adapter. Back in the “Update Driver Software” window select “Next”.

Now broadom the “Browse” button.

The interface will automatically link at the lowest speed supported by your switch. Press any key to exit.

By selecting one of the “Checksum Offload” parameters, the checksum can be computed by the Netxtrreme Ethernet Adapter. They provide the solution to this problem in Knowledge Base article How can I create a driver disk from the CD? How do I troubleshoot when my broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo is not detecting the adapter?


How many adapters can broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo in a team? To increase the size of the received frames, increase the byte quantity in byte increments up to bytes.

This is due to the fact that BASP broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo to have one and only one binding to the miniport driver, in this case some other 3rd party driver has binding to the miniport.

Click the Configure button and then the Advanced tab. If no driver is currently loaded, you will only see network devices in the Other Devices subsection, update these as if they were the VBD system device and broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo other devices will broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo after the VBD driver is loaded. If you are having a problem with a Broadcom-based Ethernet controller product, please contact either the PC or board manufacturer for technical support.

Broadcom Ethernet NIC 4401 Driver 4.60 for Windows XP 32-bit

You should now see a broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo has successfully updated your drive software” message, select the “Close” button. Open a command prompt window and change directory to C: To determine the Ethernet controller used in your PC, please select your OS below for instructions on broadcom netxtreme bcm4401-bo to determine the type of controller used: Push broaadcom machine to sleep state.

Only drivers that were provided on the CD that shipped with the adapter should be used. Choose and configure the desired protocols from this screen.