If I am not mistaken vent holes are located that way that they are blocked when the lid is closed.. Also, I might also do some gaming. It’s comparable to the HP Envy 14 Spectre but unlike that machine, the chassis doesn’t feel chunky. In January , Asus began a major restructuring of its operations, splitting into three independent companies: The new profiles for switching display modes is quite nice, too. Yes, thanks to the dedicated graphics inside, this one is suitable for both everyday activities and games.

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Asus also launched many Android -based asus ux31 series ultra slim, predominantly with Intel rather than ARM processors and often with two sim slots.

Andrei Girbea March 17, at Andrei Girbea September 2, at 4: Retrieved 21 June And while it is stiffer than the other keys, thus harder to activate, it still uptra OFF the laptop, no question asked, when pressed by mistake.

Asus Zenbook UXLN / UX review – faster than ever

asus ux31 series ultra slim Anyway, I ran a couple of games on this laptop and you can find the results below. I would like to be able to use it in a Raid 0 setup.

Top Deals on ultrabooks and portable laptops. See also Largest IT companies Category: Asus was founded in Taipei in [10] by T.

Asus Zenbook UX303LN / UX303 review – faster than ever

However, there is one major flaw, which resulted in the return of the system after a few days. Light and powerful, but I was looking up solutions or complaints because my monitor is really wobbly.

Jim May 18, at Hi Andrei, Great review. Andrei Girbea February 4, at 2: If your product can’t be repaired, an Ultr Gift Card will be provided. Currently, item can be shipped only asus ux31 series ultra slim the U.

Keyboard is great, backlit with an auto-light sensor sensor can be shutoff. Many folks are complaining about the customer services at ASUS and the laptop falling apart after a month asus ux31 series ultra slim two of use.

Thanks for listening R Bruce. On 9 Decemberasus ux31 series ultra slim Open Handset Alliance announced that Asus had become one of 14 new members of the organization. If you want it white, you should look at the Acer Aspire S7 the model,not the older version u31 the Asus Zenbook UXLA however, that one might not be available in white where you live. With very few exceptions, all the ultrabooks launched after Mid offer backlit keyboards.


According to this in have received today:.

And the fingerprint reader is responsive. Mike August 6, at 3: Total duration of the repair was 25 days. Dave February 13, at 4: A simple slider lets you increase or decrease the factory-applied value to suit your taste. John June 29, at 8: Sasha August 6, at 3: The UXLN is truly beautiful. Its a sandisk Sllim m. I want to know asus ux31 series ultra slim this laptop is suitable for students?

My question is when Asus makes this repair do they use a different design or better hing to screen assembly or do they replace with the original cheapo plastic design? They are no longer on the bezel, flanking the camera, but beneath asus ux31 series ultra slim laptop, towards the front, which is a bit of an odd placement, if you ask me.

Hi,yesterday I have received my unit back from the repair service. Lee March 17, at Asus ux31 series ultra slim noticed that with the laptop in “Battery Saver” mode enabled in seriees options, by clicking on the battery icon the laptop fans do not spin up nearly as much and it is much quieter, as you’d expect from a Zenbook or Ultrabook.

ASUS ZenBook UXUA | Laptops | ASUS Global

But for me, a heavy typist for whom a proper seriws is one of my main selection criteria asus ux31 series ultra slim choosing a asus ux31 series ultra slim, that option is not really that important.

Already got a solution for the s,im issue but this hinge problem is the only thing holding me back at the moment. Fabio January 26, at In addition to preventing the light bleed, they should also make sure every control button is lighted and the touch pad is at least framed in light.