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The installed stereo loudspeakers ‘ sound quality is rather modest , as expected. Basically, the hard disk construction height: Annual power consumption cost. However, the permanently running fan is clearly a point of criticism. Asus notebooks is convenient to carry anywhere because it is lightweight and slim size because without the optical drive. Ordering a similar system from HP will give you some basic configuration options, mostly in the hard-drive size and speed, and amount of RAM.

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We also looked closer at the reproducible color spectrum to complement this point. When viewing the screen from the side does not change color gradation. Asus eee pc seashell series 1215b is still the familiar seashell case as it had already been used in various other models. In comparison, the Eee PC B is seriea the upper third, whereas this device category also has room upwards.

Eee PC B | Laptops | ASUS Global

Funsi Multitouch trackpad supports and is mounted on. Most users prefer the usually more fine-grained resolution besides the size. Small LEDs are still responsible for illuminating the entire surface.

Better workmanship in details and a considerably better display with matt surface. The CPU benchmarks from Maxon start off our test course.

Besides the device, there is a 6 cell battery, a small power asus eee pc seashell series 1215b with power cable and the usual documentation. This website uses cookies. The display is glossy, so it occasionally picks up distracting glare from nearby lights, and off-axis viewing was better horizontally than vertically.

It’s where we’d go for next-gen peripherals, as it doesn’t look like the competing Thunderbolt high-speed data port is going anywhere fast. Please visit our web page for more information.

On the other asus eee pc seashell series 1215b, the display lid isn’t as resistant and only asus eee pc seashell series 1215b pressure is enough to create visible waves. Rendering remains stable for the most part even in more narrow angles on the horizontal plane. A seaehell drawback is the observed brightness fluctuations which result in seriew illumination of only 82 ree and a visible clouding of the LED lighting. The netbook delivers a convincing presentation with 7 hours and 26 minuteswhich is nevertheless within the average range.


The basic Eee PC look and feel is dated, and definitely ready for an upgrade, but for only a little more than last year’s step-up Netbooks, you’ll get performance that’s much less of a compromise. BatteryEater’s Reader’s Test is the opposite measurement. The low level of constant Compare These Lenovo Yoga Apart from Microsoft Office Starter and Adobe Reader, the vast amount of freeware programs and an anti-virus program’s trial version are only superfluous ballast for the relatively weak configuration.

ASUS Eee PC 1215B – Unprecedented performance for excellent multimedia enjoyment

Stay connected a variety of ways. Please refer specification pages for full details.

Design Design Asus Eee PC B the same as that previously when viewed from the outside sefies you will find a difference when looking from the inside.

Although we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time of publication, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

We show the least amount of ads possible. This benchmark is executed in 64bits. C60 up to 1.

Reading a text document is replicated in this case max. Opening windows is quite slow and the charge times aren’t impressive, either.

Audios, 2 USB 2. The connectivity has also been modified and there is now a USB 3. The emissions and the battery runtimes subjectively make a good impression, whereas we have to complain about the permanently running fan as well as the stereo speakers.

Thus, the case has to be held down.