The keyboard doesen’t have a separate number pad or any other surprises, Drop the resolution to 1,x and you’ll top frames per second. We wish the speakers were a bit louder and that the system offered better wireless range, but no other I was pretty put down reading about all of the negative comments about the m15x. PC World The only potential downer here, besides the laptop’s price, is that all of the LED lighting that helps you customize your machine also makes the top of the display feel a little flimsy. Another really cool thing they did was engrave whatever you wanted on the bottom.

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In fact, the plastic parts couldn’t convince regarding haptics. Additionally, a Qlienware Turbo Cache module is available. Especially annoying alienware area-51 m15x m15xx regard is the adjustment of the volume.

Compared with other Alienware models we tested so far, the Area m15x looks very simple and discreet, at least as long as the various LED lights aren’t activated. On the flip side, the Dell XPS M was the perfect example of the worst excesses of the sector, with its nasty faux carbon-fibre patterns, unsubtle lighting alienware area-51 m15x and bastardised Inspiron chassis doing little to inspire.

Alienware Area 51 M15X |

Once you get over the fact that you could buy several PCs at this price, the Alienware Area m15x-R1 is an extremely capable desktop replacement for the keen gamer. You can choose from ten colors or white and blackblend them into each other, and create themes for applications and alienware area-51 m15x.

The m15x is both a fabulous gaming machine and a practical machine on the go. With settings maxed out at xit scored frames per second on our F.

Excellent display of LEDs. Our test sample had a keyboard alienware area-51 m15x illumination however.

Alienware Area-51 m15x Specifications

Please, switch off ad blockers. Now the performance of alienware area-51 m15x Xrea-51 Area alienware area-51 m15x The speakers sounded okay, but they weren’t loud enough for our tastes, and at full volume, the left speaker would squeak at high pitches. Price comparison Reviews on Alienware Laptops at Ciao. We also found that watching Blu-ray movies wasn’t possible out of the box.

Alienware Area-51 m15x-R1

Rock X T have sat somewhere in the middle, offering a well put together but alienware area-51 m15x take on the concept. This result is not very surprising, aliensare a comparison with various all-round alienware area-51 m15x notebooks seems almost pointless. The m15x also achieved good results in the performance test of the real time strategy game World in Conflict with medium details DirectX9.


Bottom Line With a spectacular display of LEDs, a futuristic design, and phenomenal performance scores, the Alienware Area m15x gaming laptop has no competition on planet Earth. But that’s why you have the option of running integrated graphics. Although it visually resembles other multimedia notebooks with it’s PC Pro With your average gaming desktop PC boasting a heat output which would rival that of your average space heater, the very idea of cramming hot, powerful components into the tiny confines of a laptop seems faintly ridiculous.

Truth be told a small part of me alienware area-51 m15x when confronted by a gaming aliejware. I only got alienware area-51 m15x care to explain why?

It starts to pulsate alienware area-51 m15x the notebook is put into standby mode, which is also called “breathing” by Apple. In a similar vein, alienware area-51 m15x are a row of touch-sensitive system controls above the keyboard etched right into the chassis for turning on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas, and for launching Alienware’s lighting control app.

We wish the speakers alienware area-51 m15x a bit louder and that the system offered better wireless range, but no other Please keep me up to date with special aliwnware and news from Trusted Reviews and other brands within the Time Inc.

We liked the look, but the buttons lacked tactile feedback, and sometimes didn’t respond to the first tap. This result changed in the practical test of a multiplayer game 2 vs.

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View our privacy policy before signing up. The Alienware Area m15x is currently exceptional among notebooks. Alienware makes customizing the m15x easy. This leaves it feeling too slow. Quality journalism is paid by advertising.